Our Story

Leather crossbody bag and leather small wallet for women on a stone in shadow. Black and taupe colored sling bag for men and women.


      X Feet Above stands for slow, lasting fashion. With everything we make, we aspire to strike the perfect balance of form and function. The credit for achieving it goes to our finest leather smiths in India.

      With our products you're left feeling X Feet Above the ground. Our mission and vision is to create refined and unique statement bags and accessories that bring the spotlight on our muse, making them feel X feet above.

 Who We Are

       We started with leather home furnishing in 2018, and later moved to leather accessories. We’re young, ambitious, and looking forward to make the most out of everything. Be it the best quality leather, fine craftsmanship, or designs that stand the test of time, every X Feet Above accessory is created with love and commitment. We’re all about bringing our A-game to every design.

 leather craftsmen at work in a workshop.


      Style and function should compliment each other. At X Feet Above, we believe in delivering minimalist, stylish leather accessories that you can use every day. Our simple approach and premium materials speak for themselves by being the perfect blend of style and functionality.

 The X Feet Above Signature

      The love for minimalism is at the heart of X Feet Above, which is why we have calming Earthy shades and welcoming textures throughout our lineup. Our products blend in, yet stand out, thanks to our minimalistic approach and handmade finish. 

     We’re also doing our bit for mother nature. For us, nature and functionality go hand in hand, which is why all of our accessories are crafted out of ethically sourced leather. We’re sensible as we are stylish. So when you pick a X Feet Above product for the first time or the hundredth time, you’ll feel the commitment that goes into thinking every little detail of the masterpiece you’ll be proudly sporting. And best of all, we’re sustainable to the core!

     It is our X-Factor that will go with you as high as you want to go! Sky is the limit, or is it? Stay a step ahead...

                            Stay X Feet Above!!!