Leather Care

Our leather goods are crafted in the finest skins and hardware available. Every skin is natural and unique; any incidental tonal variations, marks or pattern variations should not be considered as imperfections. Marks are common on leather as each skin is different to the other. Please note, these are NOT considered as defects or rejects.

To ensure the longevity of your product, we recommend you to:

  • Avoid over exposure of direct lighting and protect it from humidity
  • Avoid contact with liquid, hand cream, hand sanitizer, make-up and perfume. If your bag does come into contact with water or any of those substances, it should be gently dabbed with a dry, non-fluffy, light colored absorbent cloth
  • Be careful not to rub your bag against coarse or abrasive surfaces. Light scratches can attenuate if gently massaged with a soft, dry cloth
  • For storage, please place the product in a dust bag and avoid storing in high temperature, humid or unventilated areas
  • Avoid contact of light-colored leather with darker materials as this will cause color migration 
  • When buying and caring for suede, it’s important to be aware that suede unfortunately is not 100% color-fast.
  • Do not over-fill your bag as this will cause it to lose shape and weaken the handles over time
  • Use a leather conditioning cream once every 3 months to keep the leather supple and stop it from drying out
  • Metal hardware might tarnish or lose its shine over time due to usage and weather conditions. These are changes which occur due to the varied use and handling of the product by the customer and cannot be held against the manufacturers
For further advice, please contact us at: info@xfeetabove.com